Dear Friend of CYAA, 


            The Charlotte Youth Athletic Association (CYAA) announced the start of a Capital Campaign to raise $35,000 in January of 2013. Our organization had secured initial funding from New York State and the City of Rochester to construct a multi-use building complete with 2 uni-sex bathrooms, a storage area, and a concession area to be located at the site of our 7- field baseball complex at Ontario Beach Park. I am happy to report we have raised almost $15,000 to date.


            The 2014 season will be our 61st. For years we used the school baseball fields behind Charlotte High School as well as the surrounding soccer and football fields with   temporary bases laid on the grass. Then over the past 8 years with help from many, we were able to construct 4 baseball fields and 3 t-ball fields at Ontario Beach Park where none existed before.


            The CYAA currently uses 2 porta-johns, and has no concession capability at the beach fields. In turn our baseball equipment is stored in various Board members garages. The construction of the building will allow us to consolidate equipment storage under one roof, and provide sanitary bathroom facilities and allow for concession sales.


            We are an all volunteer group whose mission has always been to provide a safe affordable family friendly baseball league open to any boy or girl ages 4-15 yrs, who wishes to play. In 2013 we had approximately 215 boys and girls playing. No one is turned away based upon where they live or ability to pay.


            We appreciate all the generous donations we have received from many contributors. However, before any work can start, the CYAA must contribute $35,000 to the project to make up the gap in final costs.  Please help us make this project a reality and consider an additional donation. Those of you who are hearing about the CYAA for the first time, or are alumni of CYAA, or are currently members of the league; we ask that you please consider donating. We welcome you as partners in our continued efforts in making a difference in the lives of so many young children and families.


            Checks should be made out to CYAA Capital Campaign; we are a registered 501c3, not for profit. Any donations will be welcomed and much appreciated. All donations are tax deductible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



                                                                                    Brian Labigan, President, CYAA